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Let us know more…

Who is your target audience?


Under 1617 - 2425 - 3435 - 45Over 65




England - NorthEngland - North WestEngland - North EastEngland - WestEngland - EastEngland - SouthEngland - South WestEngland - South EastNorthern IrelandScotlandWalesOutside of the UK

Income Bracket

15k and under15001 - 20k20001 - 30k30001 - 40k40k and above

Social Interests

Eating OutSporting ActivitiesGoing to the CinemaSocialising with friendsMusic Gigs & FestivalsArt galleries & Exhibitions

Social media user


If yes, Please choose which and/or any others


What are your priorities?

Build the brandBuild awarenessSell products

What’s the plan for the future?

Do you have any existing material?

Brand in placePrint materialWebsiteNo existing material

What deliverables do you expect from us?

Is or could the project be an integrated campaign across multiple platforms such as:

PrintDigitalSocial media

What are your timescales / deadlines?

What budget do you have?
(We don’t intend to exhaust this, but it gives us an idea of the time and resources we can allocate to the project)?

Who in your team will be making the final decisions on everything?
(It helps to know this as one person could steer us down one path and then another decide differently – it will save time and money if everyone involved can be included in each step of the process).

How will you measure the success of the project, if at all?

What services do you require?

Motion Graphics



Is this a new brand or a refresh?

New BrandRebrandRefresh

If a refresh or a rebrand, are there any elements that we must keep from the existing?

Do you have any pre-conceptions and do we need to adhere to any of these, or are you open to explore any route we create? This can help us save time if we know that you already have a vision, and will stick to this no matter what we put before you.

Where is the Branding to be used?

StationeryPromo material (print)Large format print (building signage, banners, van livery etc.)ClothingPackagingOn the productWebsiteSocial MediaApp



How do you want this reader to feel as a result of reading this piece?

What do you want this reader to do as a result of reading this piece?

What writing voice or tone best reflects your brand and customers?
(Formal, casual, conversational, humorous, etc.)

What tone is appropriate for your copy?
(US or UK English? Also, it helps to know if the document will be translated.)

When do you need the final draft done by?

Are there any constraints such as word count or design?

Do you know your keywords? - Specific themes or points that we have to include (or avoid).

Do you have any quotes or testimonials from clients?

In what format would you like the content delivered?


Sources. Links or documents with product or market information. Interview contacts.

Who will review the content?
How long will it take to approve the content?

Does it require any spoken narrative / voice over?




What deliverables do you require from us?

WebsiteIntranet siteEmail campaign

Does this need to be built in something specific?

Wordpress / Joomla etc.Campaign Monitor / MailChimp etcIn-house existing set-up

Do you require anything specific?

Sign-up formVideo / animated contentFeature sliderE-commerceMulti languagePayment gatewaysAdditional menus (footer for instance)

What do you want the audience to do / what do you want to achieve?

Experience your brand / product etc.Sign up to a newsletter / serviceGet in touchFollow / share on social mediaPurchase products

Are there any existing sites that you have seen and like the style and functions?
(Please provide URLs)

What path do you want to steer the audience down?
(This will help us plan out the user’s experience)

Will your audience predominately view the material on a desktop or mobile device?


Will you require copywriting services or will content be supplied in its final form?

I require copywriting servicesContent will be supplied

Will content be supplied digitally, and if so, in what format? and if so, in what format?
(If not, how do you intend to supply this?)

Will imagery / graphics be supplied, or will these need creating / sourcing?


How often will you require updates, or will you be updating and maintaining the site yourself?

If we are to manage it, would you like to pay a fixed monthly charge for maintenance / security updates?


Do you require hosting / domain names setting up?

Domain Name onlyHosting onlyBoth

Will you require any SEO services or will you manage this yourself?

YesNo, I will manage it myself


Display Icon

Where will the material be viewed?

In-houseOutsideSpecific eventMoving vehicle

Is this to be used once, or to be used multiple times?
OnceMore than once

 Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

How long does the animation need to be?

2 minutes and under2 - 5 minutes5 - 10 minutes10+ minutesTo be decided

What format do you require the final piece in?


Where is it intended to be viewed?

Website / Intranet siteOnline sources (Youtube / Vimeo etc.)Presentations (PowerPoint / Keynote / Prezy etc.)SmartPhones / small screensSocial media outletsLarge screen / projectionsSpecific event / space

What is the purpose of the animation?

Provide informationSimply to provide movement and create intrigueCall to actionSell a message / product

Will the animation need to be in Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD), 2K or 4K resolution?

Standard Definition (SD)High Definition (HD)2K4K

Do you require any backing track / sound effects?


Does it require any spoken narrative / voice over?


What stages would you be happy with seeing progress and signing-off?

ScriptStory boardInitial scenes for look and feelFull animation (no voice over / sound effects)Full animation inclusive of everything



Will you require copywriting services or will content be supplied in its final form?

I require copywriting servicesContent to be supplied

Where will this material be used / viewed, and who will the audience be? In-house, To external audience (customers etc.), At a specific event / location.

In-houseTo external audience (customers etc.)At a specific event / location



What is the purpose of the illustration?


In what format would you like the illustration delivered?


Terms of Business