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Brand building never stops, it should be an integrated part of your business and be present in everything you do, everyday. Starting with the right foundations is key in constructing a strong and stable brand.

Define your brand and its services, offers, qualities, and values. The easiest way to start to develop an idea is to think of your brand as a person or character. How would it look, dress, act or talk, what beliefs and values would they hold and how would you like to be perceived. Think about how you would like your clients and customers or investors to see you and how would you like your employees to behave in contributions to this.

Research who is your target market, the demographic and audience, try to be as specific as possible. Then build a brand outward facing towards them that they can understand and relate to, one they can trust.

Stand out but be professional to your market, don’t mimic big chains and brands, be distinct in your own way to reflect what you stand for. Research what others in your field are doing and what they are doing that works well. Give them a reason to choose your brand over others by identifying your strengths and what makes you different.

Be consistent but don’t make the same mistake of repeating the same thing over and over. Stay true to your brands tone of voice with copywriting, visuals whether it be friendly, informative, professional, service-orientated, promotional or conversational. Ensure all material, no matter its purpose, fits together to create the overall picture you have in mind and say’s the right thing.

Get legal protection over your visual branding and ideas, these can include phrases, logos, font choice and collective elements used to create your distinctive look. If you are going to invest a lot of money and time into it then protect the most vital and core centre of what makes your brand yours.

Let’s make sure your brand keeps saying the right things, call us and get in touch today.

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